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Original Article

Perceived Vaccine Efficacy, Willingness to Pay for COVID-19 Vaccine and Associated Determinants among Foreign Migrants in China

Tosin Yinka Akintunde, Angwi Enow Tassang, Marvellous Okeke, Stanley Oloji Isangha, Taha Hussein Musa

ELECTRON J GEN MED, Volume 19, Issue 3, Article No: em376

Original Article

Validation of a Scale to Measure the Perception of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines Acceptance: The VAC-COVID-19 Scale

Christian R. Mejia, J. Franco Rodriguez-Alarcon, Dayana Ticona, Kevin Flores-Lovon, Marco Paredes-Obando, Maryory S. Avalos-Reyes, Laura Ccasa-Valero, Macarena Carbajal, Renzo Felipe Carranza Esteban, Oscar Mamani-Benito, Oriana Rivera-Lozada, Marcos Roberto Tovani-Palone

ELECTRON J GEN MED, Volume 18, Issue 5, Article No: em303

Review Article

An Updated Overview of Herpes Simplex Virus-1 Infection: Insights from Origin to Mitigation Measures

Abu Tayab Moin, Mohammad Al-baruni Chowdhury, Sumaiya Hafiz Riana, Md. Asad Ullah, Yusha Araf, Bishajit Sarkar, Abdullah Mohammad Shohael

ELECTRON J GEN MED, Volume 18, Issue 4, Article No: em299


Dengue Outbreak is a Global Recurrent Crisis: Review of the Literature

Yusha Araf, Md. Asad Ullah, Nairita Ahsan Faruqui, Sadrina Afrin Mowna, Durdana Hossain Prium, Bishajit Sarkar

ELECTRON J GEN MED, Volume 18, Issue 1, Article No: em267

Original Article

Combined Use of Interferon Alpha-2b Drugs with Tetravalent Vaccine against Reinfection in HPV Female Patients

Nina V. Zarochentseva, Julia M. Belaiya, Valentina V. Malinovskaya

ELECTRON J GEN MED, Volume 17, Issue 6, Article No: em257

Perspective Article

The Current Update of Vaccines for SARS-CoV-2

Hoang Duc Ha, Nguyen Minh Duc, Pham Minh Thong

ELECTRON J GEN MED, Volume 17, Issue 5, Article No: em248