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Original Article

Pros and cons of telemedicine in diagnosis and management: A cross sectional survey

Heba A Yassa, Aliae AR Mohamed Hussein, Hoda A Makhlouf, Nahed A Makhlouf, Hadeer Mahmoud S Youssef, Rehab SA Sotohy, Abdelhakeem A Essa

ELECTRON J GEN MED, Volume 19, Issue 5, Article No: em394

Original Article

Depression and eating disorders among health care professionals in Morocco during the COVID-19 pandemic

Laila Lahlou, Imad Ziouziou, Asmaa Abdelnaby, Abdelkarim Kharroubi, Soukaina Wakrim, Khalid Mouhadi, Farida Ajdi

ELECTRON J GEN MED, Volume 19, Issue 5, Article No: em387

Original Article

Post-COVID-19 Syndrome in Egyptian Healthcare Staff: Highlighting the Carers Sufferings

Heba Mohamed Tawfik, Hassan Mohamed Shaaban, Ahmed Mohamed Tawfik

ELECTRON J GEN MED, Volume 18, Issue 3, Article No: em291

Original Article

Perception of Possible SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Associated Complications in Seven Labor Sectors in Peru

Christian R. Mejia, Julio C. Charri, J. Franco Rodriguez-Alarcon, Kevin Flores-Lovon, K. Vanesa Cuzcano-Gonzales, Christeam A. Benites-Ibarra, Edson Huamani-Merma, Jhosephi Vasquez-Ascate, Daril S. Medina, Marcos Roberto Tovani-Palone

ELECTRON J GEN MED, Volume 18, Issue 2, Article No: em279

Original Article

Assessments of Anxiety Levels and Working Conditions of Health Employees Working in COVİD-19 Pandemic Hospitals

Sedat Bostan, Mahmut Akbolat, Ahmet Kaya, Musa Ozata, Deniz Gunes

ELECTRON J GEN MED, Volume 17, Issue 5, Article No: em246

Original Article

Association of Body Composition and Anthropometric Measurement with Hypertension among Workers in Universitas Ahmad Dahlan

Nurul Putrie Utami, Cita Eri Ayuningtyas, Widodo Hariyono

ELECTRON J GEN MED, Volume 17, Issue 5, Article No: em217

Original Article

Morbidity with temporary disability of healthcare worker: analysis, economic loss and reasons

Alexander Golmenko, Vladimir Iljin, Valentina Haptanova, Evgeny Vygovsky, Anatolii Haptanov

ELECTRON J GEN MED, Volume 16, Issue 6, Article No: em184

Original Article

Haematological and Immunological Indices in Nigerian Farmworkers Occupationally Exposed to Organophosphate Pesticides

Surajudeen Adebayo Yaqub, Sheu Kadiri Rahamon, Olatunbosun Ganiyu Arinola

EUR J GEN MED, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp. 109-114

Original Article

Evaluation of Respiratory Symptoms in Workers of a Rubber Factory

Ayşe Semra Demir Akca, Nejat Demircan, Levent Kart, Remzi Altın

EUR J GEN MED, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp. 302-307

Original Article

Analysis of Carcinoembriyonic antigen, neurone specific enolase, cytokeratin 21-1 and ferritin levels in coal miners

Ferah Armutçu, Remzi Altın, Ahmet Gürel, Levent Kart, Murat Unalacak, Arif H. Çımrın

EUR J GEN MED, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp. 14-18