In the Absence of Co-Morbidities Mean Platelet Volume is not A Severity Indicator in OSAS
Özgür Bilgin Topçuoğlu 1 * , Gülgün Çetintaş Afşar 1, Sema Saraç 1, Özlem Oruç 1, Tülin Kuyucu 1
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1 Sürreyyapaşa Respiratory Diseases and Thorax Surgery Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
* Corresponding Author


To evaluate the relationship of mean platelet volume and OSAS severity, in OSAS patients without any vascular risk factors and co-morbidites.

The patients files and polysomnographies of OSAS patients who admitted to sleep laboratory between January 1st 2011 and April 1st 2012 have been retrospectively evaluated. Inclusion criteria are to have no vascular risk factors and no co-morbidities, to be a non-smoker, to be older than 18 years of age and not be taking any medications. Patients have been grouped as severe and non-severe OSAS according to their apne- hypopne indices. Mean platelet volume (MPV) of patients in the two groups have been compared.

Among 81 patients who met the inclusion criteria, 39.6% of the patients had severe OSAS while 60.4% had non-severe OSAS. MPV in the severe group was 9.05+0.89 (fL), while it was 9.00+0.82 (fL) in the non-severe group. The difference of MPV between two groups was not significant (p:0.800).

Controversially with the former studies which declared higher MPV in severe OSAS, our study concludes that when all other risk factors are excluded MPV is not an indicator of severity in OSAS.


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Eur J Gen Med, 2016 - Volume 13 Issue 2, pp. 134-138

Publication date: 06 Apr 2016

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