Women with breast cancer, listening to the unheard voices: A qualitative study
Lobna Gharaibeh 1 * , Raya Alrashdan 2 , Shaimaa Shamoun 3 , Rana Abu Farha 4
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1 Pharmacological and Diagnostic Research Center, Faculty of Pharmacy, Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, JORDAN2 King Hussein Cancer Center, Amman, JORDAN3 Oncology Department, Al Basheer Hospital, Ministry of Health, Amman, JORDAN4 Applied Science Private University, Amman, JORDAN* Corresponding Author


Objective: This is a descriptive qualitative study with the aim of examining experiences of women diagnosed with breast cancer.
Methods: The semi-structured interviews were conducted in the oncology clinic in Al Basheer Hospital in Jordan and included 15 women.
Results: Several themes were identified such as knowledge before and after diagnosis, side effects of treatment, social and economic problems, lockdown and financial challenges in corona pandemic, coping strategies, and disclosure issues. Appropriate knowledge concerning causes of breast cancer, and side effects of administered drugs were lacking. Additionally, women were not comfortable telling others about their breast cancer diagnosis and considered it a private issue. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they faced many difficulties reaching hospitals, financial struggles, and inability to meet with their loved ones during lockdown.
Conclusion: This study revealed the diversity of personalities and unique disposition of women regarding all the topics covered in the interviews. These differences should be considered in the support provided to these patients.


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ELECTRON J GEN MED, 2023, Volume 20, Issue 2, Article No: em460


Publication date: 01 Mar 2023

Online publication date: 26 Jan 2023

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