Two Locations, Two Hits; Two Faces of The Sword: Co-Existence of Coronary and Cerebral Arterial Aneurysms
Zekeriya Küçükdurmaz 1 * , Yusuf Sezen 2, Sema Yıldız 2, Hakan Büyükhatipoğlu 2
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1 Sanliurfa Research and Education Hospital, Cardiology Department, Sanliurfa, Turkey
2 Harran University Medical School, Şanlıurfa, Turkey
* Corresponding Author


Co-existence of coronary and cerebral aneurysms is rare, though coronary and cerebral aneurysms are not infrequent. We present a case with this co-existence of coronary and cerebral aneurysms presented with ST segment elevation myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular event.


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Article Type: Case Report

EUR J GEN MED, 2011 - Volume 8 Issue 3, pp. 243-245

Publication date: 11 Jul 2011

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