Sociodemographic Disparities and Self-reported Oral Health Problems Associated with Pregnancy: A Case-control Study in Morocco
Rachid Ait Addi 1 * , Abdelhafid Benksim 1 2, Loubna Bahije 3, Mohamed Cherkaoui 2
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1 Laboratory of Human Ecology, Department of Biology, School of Sciences Semlalia, Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakesh. MOROCCO
2 High Institute of Nursing and Technical Health, Marrakesh, MOROCCO
3 Department of orthodontics, School of dentistry of Rabat, Mohamed V university, Rabat, MOROCCO
* Corresponding Author


Background: Dental and periodontal diseases are a public health problem over the world, however little is known about individual characteristics or behaviors associated with self-reported oral status during pregnancy. This cross-sectional study examines the relationships between pregnancy and Dental and Periodontal Health (DPH), socio-demographic factors and DPH, and health behavioral factors and DPH.
Study design: This study adopted a cross-sectional, descriptive and correlational research design to investigate the current oral health related health behavior, and socio-demographic disparities in pregnant and non-pregnant women in the MARRAKESH region in Morocco.
Methods: Participants (n=539, 251 pregnant, and 288 non-pregnant women), recruited from two health centers in the Marrakesh region (urban and rural), completed questionnaires addressing: Education, economic status, dental insurance, self-reported DPH, oral hygiene practices, and dental care utilization.
Results: 162 women were urban and 87 were rural in the pregnant group, while 226 women were urban vs 62 in the non-pregnant group. Also, 181 women were educated and 68 were illiterate in the pregnant group while 238 women were educated and 50 were illiterate in the non-pregnant women group. Moreover, pregnant women brush less frequently than non-pregnant women, dental visits were more important amongst non-pregnant women than pregnant women, and only 37 pregnant women visited a dentist while 82 pregnant women visited a dental quack.
Conclusion: This study highlights the effect of pregnancy and sociodemographic disparities on self-reported DPH, and provides useful findings for preventive and therapeutic interventions.


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ELECTRON J GEN MED, 2020 - Volume 17 Issue 5, Article No: em249

Publication date: 03 May 2020

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