Pregnancy and COVID-19: What we Need to Know
Rachid Ait Addi 1 * , Abdelhafid Benksim 1 2, Mohamed Cherkaoui 1
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1 Laboratory of Human Ecology, Department of Biology, School of Sciences Semlalia, Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakesh, MOROCCO
2 High Institute of Nursing and Technical Health, Marrakesh, MOROCCO
* Corresponding Author


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 disease in wuhan china, the infection become a pandemic and a major public health concern all over the world. Pregnant women and their fetuses are at high risk of infectious disease outbreaks. Physiological and mechanical changes in pregnancy increase susceptibility to infections in general, particularly when the cardiorespiratory system is affected, and encourage rapid progression to respiratory failure during pregnancy. We need to further strengthen preventive measures amongst pregnant women against COVID-19, and to reinforce visit time and procedures in obstetric clinics and units with specialized infection control to limit the spread of the disease over the population especially the neonates.


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ELECTRON J GEN MED, 2020 - Volume 17 Issue 6, Article No: em228

Publication date: 06 Apr 2020

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