Pericardicentesis and Contemporary Practice
Murat Turfan 1, S. Namık Murat 2, Ahmet Akyel 2, Mustafa Duran 2, Ender Örnek 2, M. Bora Demirçelik 2
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1 Bezmialem University, Department of Cardiology,İstanbul, Turkey2 Etlik İhtisas Education Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


Pericardiocentesis is the evacuation of fluid (which exceeds physiologic levels) from pericardial space. Although it’s generally used as a life saving procedure in cardiac tamponade, it is also used for diagnostic purposes. Together with the advances in imaging modalities, pericardiocentesis techniques are diversed. In this report our aim is to give an idea about the history and indications of pericardiocentesis and thereafter briefly explain the tecniques of pericardiocentesis under the light of modern advances.


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EUR J GEN MED, 2013, Volume 10, Issue Supplement 1, 6-9

Publication date: 09 Jan 2013

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