Is Laparoscopic Technique Suitable for Initial Experience in Live Donor Nephrectomy? Results of The First 51 Cases
Emrah Akin 1 * , Fatih Altintoprak 2, Necattin Firat 2, Hamad Dheir 3, Enes Bas 1, Taner Demirci 4, Burak Kamburoglu 1, Fehmi Celebi 2
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1 Sakarya University Educational and Research Hospital, Department of General Surgery, Sakarya, TURKEY
2 Sakarya University Faculty of Medicine, Department of General Surgery, Sakarya, TURKEY
3 Sakarya University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Nephrology, Sakarya, TURKEY
4 Sakarya University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Endocrinology, Sakarya, TURKEY
* Corresponding Author


Objective: Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy is included in advanced laparoscopic surgical procedures and is the most preferred method for live donor nephrectomy. It is discussed that teams who do not have experience with live donor nephrectomy prefer the laparoscopic method for the first experience in kidney transplantation. The present manuscript is aimed to present the results of laparoscopic live donor nephrectomy who’s the first 51 cases of a surgical team without any experience of open donor nephrectomy.
Method: The medical records of donor nephrectomy which laparoscopic surgery was performed between April 2019-August 2020 reviewed retrospectively. Demographic features, routine transplantation preoperative data, donor nephrectomy side and reasons, surgical technique details, operation time, warm ischemia time, postoperative laboratory parameters, hospitalization time, early morbidity results were evaluated in detail.
Result: Results of 51 donors between the specified dates were evaluated. The mean age of the patients was 44.6 ± 11.6 (22-69) years. The patients’ K / E ratio was 25/26. The number of patients with BMI⩾30 was 14 (27.4%). Right nephrectomy was performed on ten donors (19.6%). The mean operative time of the patients was 130 min. (120-160), and the mean warm ischemia time was 149 sec. (113-180). Postoperative complications were in 4 patients (7.8%).
Conclusion: The laparoscopic method for live donor nephrectomy may be applied in safe from the initial stage by teams with advanced minimally invasive surgery experience.


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ELECTRON J GEN MED, 2021 - Volume 18 Issue 6, Article No: em326

Publication date: 03 Nov 2021

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