Indications for Percutaneous Closure in Adult Congenital Heart Defect
İdris Ardıç 1, M Güngör Kaya 1
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1 Erciyes University, School of Medicine, Department of Cardiology, Kayseri, Turkey


In recent years, advances in transcatheter percutaneous closures for adults with congenital heart defects have paralleled technological improvements, including imaging, arrhythmia management, and percutaneous interventions. Indications for percutaneous closure of congenital heart defects have expanded with the widening range of device shapes and sizes. This review gives a brief outline of accompanied by guidelines, indications for percutaneous closure in adult common congenital heart defects.


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Article Type: Review Article

EUR J GEN MED, 2013, Volume 10, Issue Supplement 1, 17-21

Publication date: 09 Jan 2013

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