Early Dislodgement of Drug-Eluting Coronary Stent from The Balloon Catheter
Orhan Dogdu 1 * , Mikail Yarlioglues 2, Erol Tulumen 1, Ali Taner 1
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1 Yozgat State Hospital, Department of Cardiology, Yozgat, Turkey2 Sorgun State Hospital, Department of Cardiology, Yozgat, Turkey* Corresponding Author


Early complete dislodgement of stent from the balloon catheter is a rare complication and may lead to severe coronary ischaemia. In such cases, the first treatment option is the retrieval of the material, while another option is to squeeze the undeployed stent into vessel wall by inflating the balloon. Although several methods and devices are available for stent removal, retrieval procedure is likely to be unsuccessful in many cases. In this paper, we presented two cases of early dislodgement of drug-eluting coronary stents during coronary angioplasty procedure and other methods subsequently performed in such cases.


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Article Type: Case Report

EUR J GEN MED, 2013, Volume 10, Issue Supplement 1, 83-86


Publication date: 09 Jan 2013

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