An Unusual Presentation of Acute Rheumatic Fever
Derya Arslan 1 * , Osman Guvenc 1, Derya Cimen 1, Bulent Oran 1
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1 Department of Pediatric Cardiology, Selcuk University Medical Faculty, Konya, Turkey
* Corresponding Author


Acute rheumatic fever (ARF) is a multisystem disease caused by an immunological response to group A streptococcus infection. Its sequel rheumatic heart disease continue to cause a large burden of morbidity and mortality in developing countries. Early detection of ARF is paramount to the prevention of rheumatic heart disease. We report a case of ARF with presenting epistaxis. The variety of clinical manifestations, which may be the presenting signs and symptoms of ARF, are not included in the updated-revised Jones criteria. Therefore, a careful examination and awareness of the disease can play an important role in identifying ARF


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Article Type: Case Report

EUR J GEN MED, 2015 - Volume 12 Issue 4, pp. 358-360

Publication date: 15 Oct 2015

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