Assessment of Postmastectomy Lymphedema and Current Treatment Approaches
Hulya Uzkeser 1 *
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1 State Hospital, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Erzurum, Turkey
* Corresponding Author


Lymphedema can be defined as the abnormal accumulation of protein-rich interstitial fluid that occurs primarly as a consequence of malformation or acquired distruption of the lymphatic circulation. Upper extremity lymphedema can develop in a significant proportion of patients after mastectomy. Currently, complex decongestive physical therapy is accepted as international standard treatment approach for the treatment of lymphedema. Complex decongestive physical therapy includes skin care, manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandage, compression garments, exercise and sometimes addition of intermittent pneumatic compression pump. When conservative treatments is not sufficient surgical intervention is an alternative to the patients. In this review, current treatment approaches are discussed.


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Article Type: Review Article

Eur J Gen Med, 2012 - Volume 9 Issue 2, pp. 130-134

Publication date: 10 Apr 2012

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